5 Modern Homes; Steps Away From One Another

Let’s explore five remarkable homes in beautiful Ancaster, Ontario. Join us as we tour 142, 148, and 165 Blair Avenue, followed by 76 and 85 Lloyminn Street, and finally, 166 Beverly Avenue. At our firm, clients seek something truly tailored to their lifestyle, emphasizing light, privacy, and unique design elements in every project. Starting with […]

Modern Scandinavian Home Design, Ontario, Canada

Designed for a repeat SMPL customer, only this time a new build instead of a renovation/ addition. This home really packs in a lot of amenities at just two thousand four hundred square feet, there was no need for excess square footage or wasted space in this home. Although it has a smaller footprint there’s […]

57 Cameron Street Town of Blue Mountains

In the picturesque town of Blue Mountains, nestled on Cameron Street, lies a remarkable project that has recently reached completion. This epic endeavor, overseen by the studio, encompasses both architectural and interior design aspects in collaboration with economis construction, resulting in a masterpiece worthy of admiration. As the camera pans through the stunning scenery, viewers […]

574 Mountain Brow, Hamilton – Modern Home on the Niagara Escarpment

As the oversized front door swings open, visitors are welcomed into a world of design marvels on Cameron Street in Hamilton. This meticulously crafted project, a collaborative effort between the studio and Economis Construction, offers a glimpse into the epitome of architectural and interior design brilliance. Stepping into the entry vestibule, one is immediately struck […]

Choosing a Designer for Your Custom Home

Investing in a new custom home, cottage, or a modern renovation/addition to your forever home, can be both time-intensive and a large financial commitment. There are many steps in the process: first —and perhaps the most important—is choosing the right team of professionals to collaborate with you to achieve your vision for the project. Both designers and builders need to […]

Laneway Home in Hamilton Ontario

Nestled in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario, lies a hidden gem that embodies the essence of modern urban living – 91B Chatham Street. Tucked away in a laneway, this innovative project, designed over two and a half years ago, showcases the possibilities of laneway homes in the wake of regulatory changes that have made them […]

Modern Home With 10 Foot Waterfall Into Pool

Situated in the ever popular Oakhill neighbourhood of Ancaster bordering Dundas Valley lies the epitome of contemporary living in Canada. The client was seeking an ultra modern front elevation so the massing features two bands of white ACM paneling suspended by floor to ceiling glass, slatted composite wood siding, white brick anchored by a vertical […]

15 Valleycrest Drive, Horseshoe Valley

Today, we embark on an adventure to 15 Valleycrest in Horseshoe Valley, a true gem nestled amidst breathtaking scenery, offering prime opportunities for skiing, biking, and snowshoeing. But what sets this property apart? Let’s dive into the details of this project suspended on a concrete slab supported by 76 helical piers driven 80 feet into […]

66 Weirs Lane, Dundas, Ontario

Weirs Lane is our poster project for how we envision the new work from home era. The clients on this project are business owners in the creative industry. They gave us free reign to create their forever dream home/work studio on this phenomenal 6 acre parcel of land in Dundas. Heavily inspired by Mies van […]

The Miami Project

Sometimes, you just know how a house should look the moment you step onto the property. That’s exactly how it feels for the design of the new bungalow on the Niagara escarpment. The design team had a clear vision of where the house should stand, how it should be shaped, and how to make sure […]