Our diverse and experienced team has grown to 20+ members since the companys’ establishment in 2010. Architectural and Interior design, permit and conservation specialists, drafters, and a structural engineer come together to create and collaborate in our office, located in downtown Hamilton.

Joel Tanner
Passionate CEO & Creative Director

Lindsey Bruce
Director of Operations

Nicole Jacobs
Creative Director, Interior Design

Heather McDonald
Office Manager

Jonathan Lensink
Technical Design Manager

David Shouldice
Building Code Specialist

Jackie Tanner
Support & Administration

Mackenzie Miller
Senior Drafter

Hayden Duench
Senior Designer and Project Lead

Marjan Gievski

Senior Designer & 3D Visualization Specialist, Interior Design

Stephanie Sobral
Drafter and Permit Specialist

Kris Czubik

Julia Krulicki

Shaun Jaikaran

Dario Veranes
Designer & 3D Visualization Specialist, Interior Design

Harrison Dell

Ava Barnett
Planning Technician

Ekaterina Hoteeva

Nestor Martin
Drafter, Interior Design

Alyssa Mirizio

Designer & Drafter, Interior Design