Who We Are

Launched in early 2010 with a goal of bringing sustainable, modern, practical, and livable design solutions to the forefront of residential design, smpl Design Studio is now composed of an amazing team of 20 individuals delivering modern home designs to clients all over Ontario, and beyond into the reaches of Canada, North America, and the Caribbean.

Our Process
Our studio has a vast array of experience designing modern homes on small infill lots, expansive country acreages, cottage country lakefront, and complex lands regulated by the multiple conservation authorities or Niagara Escarpment Commission found throughout Ontario.
Project Management
We are here to work with our clients and design projects that fits their families needs, lifestyle, and budget. We will guide the project through the entirety of the permitting process on the client’s behalf and deliver an approved set of documentation ready for execution by the builder.

sustainable modern practical livable sustainable modern practical livable 

sustainable modern practical livable sustainable modern practical livable 

sustainable modern practical livable sustainable modern practical livable 

sustainable modern practical livable sustainable modern practical livable 

Our Expertise
Since our company’s inception, we’ve had a strong focus not only on our relationships with our clients, but also all the builders and partners we are connected with. Having the confidence of being able to introduce our clients to two or three talented builders that are able to deliver our product throughout the Ontario marketplace sets the stride for an even more successful project beyond the amazing concepts we create. Our partnered builders deliver an incredible real world result that perfectly matches our core beliefs as well as our overall standard of quality from start to finish.
Our Pillars
Sustainable Practices

Whether upgrading the performance of your building, assessing sun path and the use of renewable energy systems or guiding the client on material selections, we strive to provide strong residential design and a final product that supports sustainable practices to protect our environment for the future.

Modern Designs

 Our firm pushes the boundaries of modern home design for each and every individual client, and the property for which we are developing for them. We know modern, our passion is modern, and we strive to be the best in the industry when it comes to innovation in this area of residential design styling.

Practical Solutions

With well over 1500 projects under our firms’ belt over the last 12+ years in business, we can take the guesswork out of what is the best overall solution for your homes’ budget and layout, or material selection. Each and every decision along the design and planning process, as well as construction phases of your project require logical solutions. We are here to deliver those for you.

Livable Spaces

Your new home, cottage, cabin, or large scale revamp of an existing space requires livable solutions. Layouts that make sense, work for your particular families days to day needs, and inspire you in your way of living. Open concept vs a more segregated room design solution is a constant discussion with all of our clients and families, and no two live the same: we’re here to help you with that and many other decisions to maximize the livability of your space.

Our Team

smpl has a reputation for taking the difficulties out of what can be a complex process. From day one we’ll work with you to determine the best path for your project.