Nova Scotia

121 Osprey Drive

Perched along the coast high above the Bay of Fundy just outside of Parrsoboro, NS, this home takes advantage of nearly two hundred and forty degrees of views while having a very minimal impact on the site.
Work On

Residential Design


3,075 sq. ft.
4 Bedrooms
3.5 Bathrooms
New Build




SMPL Design Studio

The objectives were clear for SMPL after an early April site visit to an empty lot. Capturing the amazing panorama was the highest priority from the rolling hills to the North, to the tidal Bay of Fundy and Five Islands Provincial Park to the south and the sunset in the West. The home captures this array of landscape throughout every room, each offering a slightly different view, allowing the user to follow the sun’s path throughout the four seasons, with the rooftop patio offering the ultimate three hundred and sixty degree view.
Intended to be used as a vacation home this drove several other design decisions. The form of the home reads fairly simple, it doesn’t sprawl over the property but rather sits within a clean single rectangular form with the primary bedroom cantilevering beyond. The home is to be an extension of the landscape that requires minimal upkeep from the client allowing them to come and go as they please for extended periods of time. The simple forms of the home allow the strong westerly winds that shoot up the Bay of Fundy and pass over the roof that offers protection to the outdoor sitting areas on the East side of the home. A simple material palette largely dominated by standing seam metal employs an enduring look accented by natural cedar siding and locally sourced stone from the shores of the Bay of Fundy.