15 Valleycrest Drive, Horseshoe Valley

Today, we embark on an adventure to 15 Valleycrest in Horseshoe Valley, a true gem nestled amidst breathtaking scenery, offering prime opportunities for skiing, biking, and snowshoeing. But what sets this property apart? Let’s dive into the details of this project suspended on a concrete slab supported by 76 helical piers driven 80 feet into the ground.

As we step inside, the attention to detail becomes evident from the get-go. Our first stop? The home gym, cleverly designed to serve dual purposes as a guest bedroom and a workout haven, reflecting the owners’ passion for cycling and fitness.

Ascending the u-shaped staircase, we’re greeted by a captivating panorama of Horseshoe Valley through a 10-foot window, setting the tone for the awe-inspiring views that define this residence. The open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen seamlessly blend to create a space that celebrates connectivity and the surrounding natural beauty.

The kitchen, with its oversized layout and southerly views, features a 10-foot island—a testament to both functionality and luxury. Stepping outside onto the covered patio, we’re treated to an outdoor entertainment oasis, complete with lounge furniture, a barbecue, and, of course, those stunning views.

Venturing to the bedroom wing, privacy and comfort reign supreme. The primary bedroom boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the landscape like a masterpiece. The ensuite is a sanctuary in itself, featuring a walk-in shower, a freestanding tub with picturesque views, and a sleek double vanity.

As our tour comes to a close, we’re left in awe of this masterpiece that seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings, offering the ultimate retreat for outdoor enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Rain or shine, 15 Valleycrest shines bright, offering a glimpse into a life of luxury and tranquility. Until next time, enjoy the view and embrace the beauty of nature.

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