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Modern Home Design Dundas, Ontario

Looking for modern house design in Dundas? We’re dedicated to top-notch quality and pay attention to every detail in design, so we can turn your dream of owning a modern home into reality.

Modern home floor plan Dundas
Modern house design in Dundas
Dundas modern home plan interior

smpl Design Studio is a full service planning, residential and interior design studio offering custom modern home design in Dundas and surrounding areas.

Our Expertise

At smpl, we believe that true luxury lies in the seamless integration of form and function. Our team of skilled designers craft each modern home design to exceed the highest standards of quality and sophistication, ensuring truly exceptional living for our Dundas clients.


Our Pillars
Sustainable Practices
Modern Designs
Practical Solutions
Livable Spaces
Dundas modern house plan exterior
Modern home design in Dundas
Modern home plan Dundas

Creating modern house designs for our Dundas clients involves a thorough process based on understanding their vision and lifestyle. We blend innovation with local architectural styles to make designs that fit Dundas perfectly. We focus on precise floor and site plans, prioritizing functionality, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal to match our clients’ preferences closely. Collaborating closely with local builders like Kennedy + Kenel, we ensure a seamless execution of our designs from inception to completion.

Need Modern Home Design?

Setup a call with our passionate CEO today. Whether it’s in Dundas or surrounding areas we’re passionate to work directly with each client on custom modern home plans.

Modern home design team, smpl Design Studio

We love what we do and are constantly pushing the envelope with our modern, gnarly designs. We thrive on each project being unique, you’ll never see the same design twice! If this sounds like an adventure you’re willing to begin, we’d love to hear from you.