The power, and drawback to internet communications

Over the years, as our company has developed, we’ve noticed a trend … clients schedules are getting busier and busier, which means internet communications are a key device in moving the design process forward and not stalling out. Its not uncommon for me to have 4-500 emails back and forth between clients during the design process to finalize details for a custom new home design, but this is not always ideal.

Face to Face meetings tend to have a stronger, and quicker outcome … with the power to talk through ideas and concepts – and even provide sketches to the client for immediate approval; alternatively might take 2 or 3 times longer via emails and phone calls. Its a tough predicament for all parties involved, which is why more and more we’re relying on software like “go-to-meeting” where our clients can see and chat about floor plans and the 3d model live. This allows SMPL to make live changes to the colour or textures of a 3D model, move walls, doors and windows in our 2d program – and get direct feedback from our clients.

The design process is fun, and needs to be enjoyed by all of our clients — we’re here to design a home for YOU that YOU will enjoy for years to come.

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