Charles Pachter; Canada’s leading contemporary artist; our client.

Charles Pachter is a client of ours at SMPL; and we’re working diligently to create a beautiful and creative new addition to his existing “MOFO” (Moose Factory of Orillia) concrete block studio space. Our committee of adjustment meeting is taking place tomorrow at the City of Orillia and to date we’ve received nothing but ecstatic responses from all individuals at the city with respect to this edgey, contemporary, out of the box project (although it is simply a series of boxes).

The new space will house more gallery volume for some of his 600+ pieces of artwork, along with a full single family home featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms – all this in a “touch and go” area of Orillia – on lots 52 and 56, Western Avenue.

The building will feature charcoal coloured concrete board siding, along with prefinished clear 1+ western red cedar siding, charcoal windows and doors, along with teal accent details throughout.

Stay tuned for more up to date model imagery, construction progress and other fun tidbits as this project rolls along.